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Whirlwind Aviation

Coronavirus Safety Protocols

Our Helicopters

Air Flow

The pressurization system on our aircraft replaces the cabin air with fresh outside air approximately every 20 minutes during flight.


Anti-Microbial Shield

All our aircraft are treated with a product called ClearCabin every 90 days at a minimum. This is a two-part solution professionally applied throughout the interior of the aircraft that works across a broad spectrum of known bacteria and viruses, including COVID-19.


Immediate Response

If any passenger or crew member shows any signs of illness, the aircraft will immediately undergo a deep cleaning and disinfecting procedure, which will be followed based on CDC guidelines for COVID-19.


Additional Sanitizers

Between flights, all seats and interior surfaces of the aircraft are treated with a disinfectant-grade product, such as CleanSmart, that is EPA-approved for use against COVID-19 to sanitize and clean all touchpoint areas in the plane.


Onboard Stock

For the time being, we have removed all onboard stock of snacks and beverages, due to the additional handling required to stock the aircraft. Passengers are welcome to bring their own food and beverages onboard.

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Our Pilots

Standard Procedures

Our crew members are required to take their temperature twice a day (once in the morning and once in the evening).


Self-wellness Assessment

Our crew members are required to complete a daily 15-point wellness self-assessment that is consistent with CDC guidelines.

Mask Protocol

Our crew members are required to wear masks while on duty before, during, and post flight. The only exception is while airborne and in the cockpit, where, for safety reasons, wearing a mask will remain at the crew members’ discretion.


Hand Washing

Our crew members are regularly washing and sanitizing their hands to protect against catching and spreading COVID-19. They may also opt to wear gloves at times in compliance with CDC guidelines.


ID Verification

To allow our crewmembers to verify passenger IDs, all passengers will be asked to either place their IDs on a clean surface or show them from a distance, so they are the only ones handling the cards or documents.

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