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“It’s not just getting from A to B... It’s getting from A to B safely, securely, on time with minimal hassle while in maximum comfort, knowing you’re in good hands the whole time.”  - Mike Jones, Director of Operations & Chief Pilot

Since 1996, Maryland-based Whirlwind Aviation has focused on providing top-tier helicopter transport for a diverse and exclusive clientele.

Whirlwind Aviation has been the service of choice by Heads of State, Foreign Ambassadors, Fortune 500 Executives, as well as Senior US Government Leadership


Optimally located in the “backyard” of both D.C. and Baltimore, Whirlwind covers the entire northeast corridor and mid-Atlantic seaboard—from Charlotte to Boston and a thousand places in-between.

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Meet The Whirlwind Pilots

Mike Jones

Chief Pilot & Operations Manager


Flight Safety ProCard

Michelle Cornett

Charter Coordinator


Whirlwind Aviation Inc.

Frederick Municipal Airport

330 Aviation Way

Frederick, Maryland 21701


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