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Helicopter Travel

Point-to-point Options

Why Whirlwind helicopters

Private helicopters are agile aircraft. Their vertical takeoffs and landings allow greater accessibility. Unlike larger aircraft, helicopters provide access to both crowded and remote locations. They land and take off where other aircraft cannot. Our helicopters will accommodate 6-8 passengers with an average cruising speed of 150-177 mph and a non-stop range of 450-591 miles, making them ideal for quick flights from Washington, DC  to New York City or Baltimore to Boston.

Private helicopters are designed to be fast and comfortable. Whirlwind's helicopter charters feature low noise levels, luxurious interiors, baggage storage, and in-flight refreshment centers. Private helicopters are the most flexible and versatile aircraft for short distance flights.

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Sikorsky S-76

Fast, long-range standard, and luxury-car comfortable, the S-76 sets the in VIP helicopter transport.

General characteristics

  • Crew: 2

  • Capacity: up to 8 passengers



  • Deluxe VIP Interior Group

  • Special "Cacoon" interior for luxury car ride

  • Aft Facing captains chairs and a forward facing four place bench seat w/ fold-down armrests, fold-down counter table and Under-Seat Storage Drawers

  • Trash Container in Cabin

  • Deluxe VIP Bulkhead Storage Compartment

  • Cabin Coat Hooks, Two

  • Cup Holder Set, Cabin

  • Seat Belt Extender


  • Maximum speed: 155 kn (178 mph; 287 km/h) 

  • Cruise speed: 150 kn (178 mph; 287 km/h) 

  • Range: 400nmi (473 mi; 761 km) no reserves, at long-range cruise speed at 4,000 ft altitude

  • Service ceiling: 13,800 ft (4,200 m)

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